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Accessibility features has been built using a compatible XSHTML 1.0.
* Semantically correct markup language.
* Fully functional user experience through modern browsers.
* JavaScript features are not obstructive and dynamic features degrade well with disabled programming sequences.
* Content is accessible via keyboard for users without mouse control. The area of ​​the dialog box that receives input indicates the highlighted position of the active keyboard links.
* Use of ALT (alternative) text meaningful for images. (Purely decorative graphics include empty alternative attributes.)
* The font size can be changed to suit your preferences through your browser without loss of information.
* Text colors have the right contrast for colorblind / handicapped users.
* Data packets that are difficult to interpret for special browsers are avoided.
* Tags assigned to article forms and other forms have an accessible design.
* Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used and no styles online.
* The forms follow a logical sequence.





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