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What is IM? IM INTERMODA is the most important international platform in Latin America in the fashion industry. Gather in one place national and international designers, producers, distributors and buyers, to know how to exhibit and acquire the most outstanding trends of the season, is the ideal place to connect with potential customers and close large businesses.


The Secretary of Economy of the State of Jalisco endorses us as a prestigious brand, in which we always maintain unparalleled customer service. All our genuine leather products have a lifetime guarantee, carrying a LEO JIMENEZ is synonymous with a unique accessory in gender. The image is our soul, it is revealing new feelings in our clients when they have a LEO JIMENEZ in their hands, since our accessories and packaging are the added value of a high quality product.

It is a pleasure for us to make accessories with a unique design in genre and a majestic quality. Christian Nodal is part of our family, in his last single "PROBABLEMENTE" ft. David Bisbal, chose a LEO JIMENEZ black belt with a classic gold buckle with a black resin graft to create the perfect outfit for its production.  






"Elegance is the best tool in life"


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