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It is inspired by eclectic architecture. The buckle is the soul and structure of LEO JIMENEZ, which comes from copper smelting and zinc, is forged by hand by Mexican artisans adapting a strict control in the elaboration of the same, to finalize its manufacture is covered with an exquisite platinum in gold of 24k. Our belts, the specialty of the house LEO JIMENEZ, a tradition made by hand from 1956, the cowhide of the CINTURON II is simply perfect. The elaboration is part of our expertis of the handling in the skin since it is tanned with vegetal materials and the cut is done by hand, including a triple waxed on our belts. The experience of opening a LEO JIMENEZ box is unprecedented, the CINTURON II packaging It is perfect for your collection. The classic elaboration of the box is by means of links assembled in German beech wood from reforested forests.
Buckle measurements: Length 74mm, Width 44mm and depth 17mm. Belt measurements: Width 38mm, sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Measurements of the box: 15cm x 15cm, depth of 8.5cm.
Delivery on March 21


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